Location, Location, Location!

The first thing you will notice when you arrive at Casa Palito Verde is that you are in the real Mexico, immersed in a quaint Mexican neighborhood in the heart of Viejo Vallarta (Old Town). This area used to be known as Palito Verde and was a favorite place for locals to come and play in the Rio Cuale and is now a quiet corner of Old Town . It is truly a wonderful location!!

"Viejo Vallarta" means "Old Vallarta", and while it's not actually the oldest part of Puerto Vallarta, Viejo is the part of town which has most retained the real feel of a colonial Mexican beach town. Cobblestone and brick streets, lots of trees, and amazingly devoid of the usual modern developments you find in any tourism destination.

In Viejo, you'll find that you are not just visiting, but become a part of an authentic South-of-the-border existence. Next to a store selling beautiful hand-woven fabrics is the local veterinarian supply store. Just a few doors away from a dress boutique of authentic and comfortable Mexican dresses is a local bakery turning out, by hand, dozens of different pastries for the 'locals' who live nearby or for cafes and restaurants all over the city.

Tiny corner groceries are always a block away for a snack, a soda, or a 'cerveza' (beer) to carry with you as you meander. It's a wonderful combination of a REAL Mexican town with everything the visitor wants to enjoy as well!